Match report by Chi.  


MATCH REPORT 2013 Foreigners Cup 17th Feb Ma On Shan

GK :(Borrowed Keeper from other team Yuki)
DEF: Steven P, Leonardo, Colin, Nav
MID: Rich H, Nathan, Chi, Medhi, Sanjoy
FW: Francis
1st game against J Bulls- With only 10 people turning up we had to
borrow a goal keeper, Spartan's doing a good job playing some nice
football and keeping J Bulls at bay for most of the game considering.
It was unfortunate with almost five minutes left we let them score
from inside our box.
End result 1-0 to J Bulls.
I believed we deserved better so sympathized on this result. (If we
had subs we probably would have won this easy)

Anyway Interlude – team picture taking 1-2-3 CHEESE!! And a few
hung-over faces and Ean turning up to the pitch late. During which
Shooters FC beat HK Turks 1-0. And then more team pictures taking.

2nd game (Two losing team play and the winner of this game takes
bronze medal in cup)

GK : (Steven P) First 20mins then (Leandro)
DEF: EAN, Leonardo, Colin, Nav
MID: Rich H, Nathan, Chi, Sanjoy
FW: Francis, Medhi

Against HK Turks. Highlights:
Great build up from Spartan, Francis received a lovely through ball to
slot in a great goal! GOAL 1-0
We were playing well for the first 15 mins: Then madness and lame
refereeing see’s Sanjoy receiving two yellows cards within minutes
and is sent off unbelievable.
Spartan's down to 10 men then into the 19th minute Leonardo out of the
Sky takes down a HK Turk player in the penalty area with an amazing
flying body lunge like straight out of a kung Fu movie. And amazingly
and luckily does not get red carded. ??? Penalty to Hk Turks. GOAL!
The game ends in golden penalties and Nathan (very hung-over) blasted
a controlled effort to the left of the goal mouth. GOAL! Opponent then
MISSES over the top of cross bar with Leandro creating a bigger than
life presence in Goals.
Colin steps up and calmly places the ball on to his left. Nice finishing GOAL!!
HK Turks versus Leandro, Opponent aims at the bottom left hand side.
Leandro magnificently dives and palms the ball out. What-a-SAVE!!

Final score line SPARTAN (including golden penalty) 3-1!

All in all great team effort and good fun since we did not have a full
team and some of us have never played together.

The medal award ceremony will be at the Brew House date: TBC I reckon
Spartan management should attend as Chinese Henry would like to
discuss about new league.

Thanks again to all who turned up.