Mark “Red Mist” Connolly but more appropriately named “the Happy Valley Hatchet” has certainly created a reputation in the Hong Kong Legal League.

A few years back against Legal Aid a tackle on Andy ”Big Nose” Mitchell aka “Hong Conk” saw Mark tackling like an airborne battering ram, missing the ball by 4 ft and hitting the unfortunate player heavy, hard high and 2 footed around the throat.
Mark commented there was “no malice or intent,” “football is not a girls game… sometimes people get hurt…”

This led to the return match and “Big Nose” still having his tonsils re-attached, didn’t deter Mark from practising his beautiful game…a vicious knee-capping on Barry Wilson followed by a high “gruesome hack” horrified the Happy Valley crowd who observed 5 seconds silence in solemn remembrance of Barry’s testicles.

Barry was later spotted in Lan Kwai Fong looking for Connolly to get one of them back.
Mark conceded there was an “element of grudge”…

Nowadays opposing fans arrive early just to have the privilege of booing him at the warm-up.

Unique Talent

Dave McCormick
Saturday Spartan Manager
Wanchai Spartan’s Football Club