The following squad played out an entertaining warm up friendly against the strollers to bring in 2012. 

Dan H, NickL, Hemant, Leandro, Povey, Stef, Chi,  Sean, Scott, Randy,  Aidan, Jay, Colin, Matt 

1st Quarter
We have the better of the play although Nick L makes two excellent saves from Lionel "Messy" and Richard "Cowardly"…. Defectors to the dark side, they only did it for the money! Unfortunately the wind up comments to Cowley backfire as he wins a header and scores a great goal to put the strollers ahead. He then shows his nipples to everyone which was much appreciated to warm up a cold night… Not! 0 – 1

2nd Quarter
We really get it together and must have 75% of the possession. The midfield trio of Jay, Aidan and Povey are outstanding. A cross is fumbled by their keeper and Matt scores an instinctive finish… Cough to put level at 1 – 1. Matt then scores a great goal and we finish the quarter 2 – 1 ahead.

3rd Quarter
Its end to end stuff with both teams having lots of chances. Scott makes a memorable tackle on Pat. However, Jacko breaks through for Strollers finishes brilliantly to make it 2 – 2.

4th Quarter
We once again dominate and Aidan makes some runs that only Pele could do on film against the Germans in Escape to Victory. Dan then collapses concussed. Who took him out? I am sure big Dan will put this on his revenge "to do list". Finally Stef gets the winner to make it 3 – 2 and settle things at last.

A very good performance where we played people in different positions and used to formations. Bring on 2012!

Man of the match : Aidan
Mug of the day : Patrick, Cowley and Hao for defecting

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