Dev has made an immediate impact to the Spartans culture since his arrival from Singapore. He has delievered much enthusiasm and expertise to the Wanchai side, including his gruelling warm-ups.

Below are some of his witty comments and emails we get each week, that we are fortunate to share with rest of our fan base.

  • I have been in HK for 3 weeks and with the spartans for two… BUT I KNOW!! IT IS NEVER A PINT OR TWO!!! NEVER!!! i will be there after 10…dont leave too early..
  • And Yanks play football? Oh yeah i heard of your best player…Mia Hamm is it?
  • As for the second question….i will do what my good Spartan mate does…He buys a Rose in a disco….stares at a thai gal with big boobs for 30mins(in the mean time drinks beer after beer)….and just before leaving he kneels down in front of her and tells her how beautiful she is in his eyes.and gives her the rose….if that is not scottish matey…i dont know what is…
  • Ohhh Macsy….why are Scots so sensitive…We all know that these rankings are a total waste of time !!! Scotland’s got a great team man…Duncan Ferguson up front with the ever irreplacable Paul Dickov…..subs striker we have the forever young Ally Mcoist..supporting them will be Daglish n Souness from deep…way deep…in defense my all time fav player..Colin "i get you" Henry…ohh man what a team…with youngsters like mcfadden n fletcher coming up the ranks…this looks like a team for the future…

    Lets go Scotland!!! Lets go Scotland!!

    P.s  can we pls bring my subs down to 1000hk …  🙁  Im actually Singaporean Scottish….born n raised in Glascow villa…down in the ghettos of Singapore..

  • Steve and Lionel….these two guys were awesome man..

    The rest of the guys formed a layer of defense that totally destroyed all German attilery…Damn we kicked ass!!! Literally for some of us..!!!

    beautiful team effort…all the more so that we beat a previously unbeaten team..

    Lets go Spartans!!

  • …God damn it they want me to come in for a casting session…they say i have a unique face…Oh well if they want someone who looks like a monkey with camel eye lashes…Who am i to deny them the pleasure…??