R. Man

"Sunny day, everything’s A-OK…can you tell me how to get – how to get to Spartanee Street"….

OK children settle down…did you enjoy your big day at THE CLUB ?? Wasn’t it really, really great?? Shall we write a story about it.?? Alright then….see if you can guess the number and letter in todays story…

The day started brightly. All the birds were singing and so was Len "Bert" Maung who was the clever man who took the photos. "This is a lovely place" said Len dimly. "Why yes it is", said his hillbilly combine harvester loving brother Lionel "Ernie" Maung. It was certainly going to be a very tough game indeed for the Spartanee Street gang.

The gang was glad to have Danny "Tanned Torso" Tsang back., and when he was told of his selection he jumped and jumped with joy. The only real nasty, grey cloud on this sunny day was the missing pair of centre-backs.

Fortunately the Spartanee’s had cover with Chris "Grouch" Lau, so called because he moaned about his injuries a lot and Lee "Kama Sutra" Etherington so called because he can do all the positions on the pitch.

Luckily Alan "Miss Piggy" Shum and Tony "Beaker" Choi were ready and able. Kick off, and the early pressure came from Club.


OOhhh, the big giants were pressing the tiny Spartanees back and they were a little scared. Then a whipped corner fell into the Spartanees box and everyone ran around screaming and throwing their hands in the air…1-0 to Club. Oh what a shame!! …Kevin Chan be quiet at the back, you’ll soon get an opportunity, and Colin Kong stop poking him with that stick…


Off the Spartanees went in search of a goal, Little Danny was scurrying in the middle and suddenly ran off…"What’s up Danny" ?? He said he couldn’t see because his magic contact lens had fallen out…but it didn’t stop him playing. Steve "Gonzo" Wong managed to keep the score down as he parried a powerful shot from Club. Phew, this was a tough game.


Whizz, whhooshsh, peeeoowww …Paul "Big Bird" Hoy was watching the ball fly over his head…"I wish I could just get 1 small touch on the ball, then everything will be alright"… Suddenly the leader of the Spartanees. Lionel Maung had an opportunity, which he hit with all his might, but his special pitching wedge shoes lifted the ball and the Club keeper parried.

Simon "Fozzie Bear" Fung followed this with a cracking shot , but still no goal. Another opportunity and this time to Alan"amnesia" Wong. He had forgotten the special spell that allowed him to score, and after cutting back across the Club Keeper he weakly rolled the ball goal bound, only to see it thrashed away. Poor little Alan, when will he remember how to score, the entire Spartanee’s squad thought.

John "Kermit" Southgate was getting quite annoyed at how the Gang were playing, and shouted at them. The Club looked very organised and comfortable.

The playground whistle went and the Spartanees ran off to get their bottles. A quick swap and their mysterious, talisman Rick "Snuffleuffaguss" Man was brought on.


Second half….WOW what a difference, the Spartanees were full of beans and attacked the Club goal. Lionel Maung threaded a ball into Alan Wong…1-on-1 with the Keeper, surely he must remember …yeeessss….no. The ball bobbled past the goal…oh dear! The Spartanees tried and tried but the Club held strong.

Then Lee Etherington used his positional power to pick Rick Man out in the area and Rick rose to smack the header in. HURRAHH…1-1. But Rick had hurt his eye.

The game was tentatively balanced and Club could have won but missed an open header. Final score 1-1. The Spartanees were still not beaten and were jolly happy indeed.

Well Children can you guess the letters and numbers….that’s right todays report was brought to you by the number 1…(1 goal each, 1 contact lens left for Danny, 1 more header, 1 more game Lionel hasn’t scored) and the letter I (because Rick got a black "eye", Danny only had 1 "eye", Alan missed an open goal and we all said "aye, aye, aye.." )

But at the end of the day the happiest people were Lionel Maung as he received MOM, Wayne Wong because he didn’t get to play and Russell "Count" Pang as he could count the points…"SEVEN, SEVEN lovely points AAAHAHAAAAHAHAAAAA"….


The Count