Thanks to all those that contributed to a great night. Niall, Ben, Laurence, Fordy and Ryan did a excellent job of organising the night making sure everyone had a good time and more imporantly raising awareness and $14,000 for Heep Hong.


 Laurence and Ben (polka dot w@nker) did a great job of hosting the evening  Caren from Heep Hong kindly came down  The WAGs were out in force. Cant believe we drew with them….


Over 70 people attended, some of whcih can apparently kick a football. Enough said…… Will Fordy be the only Nite to win a cup this season?


 We thought they looked smart too. Came last! No you cant hear the questions outside!  El vino did flow


Where did you come Adam? Bloody ICC! Behave.You’re not stiffler…

Anyone who wants to find out more about Heep Hong and the great work they do go to: