First up thanks to all those who made the effort late on a Sunday evening to travel all the way to Tsing Yi for what happened to be a very frustrating night on a nice new astro.

When the ball was in play we played some nice football however the ball was out of play most of the time. 
One of the worst and most biased ref we have ever had:-

  • ~20 foul throws – none given
  • Diving in and around the box – no cards
  • Blatant elbows in the head and shoves in the backs causing injuries (twisted knee) to our players – seen by the ref, admitted to having seen it, no cards no fouls given.
  • The opposition complain from the sidelines after one of our players quite rightly called their player a cheat, the ref stops the match, listens to the opposition players on the sidelines, up comes the linesmen and one of our players given a 2nd yellow card.
  • Constant time wasting by the opposition with their reserve players allowed on the pitch during play, the ref blows up and does nothing to move them off.
  • Refusal to explain phantom fouls and free kicks awarded, refs response "go away" " you don’t talk to me"
  • No injury time added on.

Other than that we had a few chances, Nick saw a low driving effort palmed out, Miles had some good chances but all falling on his left foot.

From the few corners we were given a couple of headers went close. 
Their goal came from a tricky bounce in the box, with a player closing Josh down the save palmed onto the cross bar fell back in the goal.

Otherwise the back four were solid all match with our centre backs closing the ball down and our LB/RB feeding the ball down the wings.

We switched things around swapping the wingers and strikers, moved to 4:3:3 then 3:5:2 in search of the equaliser while using up our 3 subs, but to no avail.

We will have to see what happens with the red card for "Mr X" – hopefully no ban.

Based on the group table below we need to beat ABC to guarantee to 2nd place, the team we beat 8 nil beat ABC 3 nil…so we should be winning this match. In any event if Cherry beat All Brothers (highly likely ) we go through on superior goal difference of ~12.

盃賽C組 2011/2012 ( 更新:2011-11-6 ::16:47 )

                賽      勝      和      負      入球    失球    +/-     積分    
1       櫻花    2       2       0       0       3       1       +2      6       
2       Spartans FC     2       1       0       1       8       1       +7      3       
3       ALL Brothers    2       1       0       1       3       8       -5      3       
4       ABC     2       0       0       2       1       5       -4      0      

櫻花 = Cherry

Next match = league v Black Bee (6th) Sunday 20th Nov 7:30pm 

Sun Spartans have no fixture that day.