24th Far East Football Tournament BANGKOK 2006

Spartans entered the 2006 Bangkok tour with high expectations. Unfortunelty the inability to score and win penalties shoot outs relgated the Spartans to the Plate competition. However not to be detered by our on-field performance all the Spartans enjoyed the weekend and being the same weekend as Songkran there was added fun to be had by all.

Ready for battle?????

beat the heat.

One whiskey too many Kenny

Henry and Jeff.

Jeff pumps the chest

Applauds from the crowd

Spartans focus for the game ahead.

Medhi and Henry looking on from the sideline

Francis and Guilmere who farted????

pitches were in excellent condition.











so much water…

and more water….

not nice…

that’s a bit better

The Spartan team for Bangkok 2006.

Bottom Left to Right: Jeff,Alan,Flabbo,Francis,Paul,Guilmere,Simon.

Top Left To Right:: Kenny,Dimitri,Henry,Ken,Marc,Paul,Eddie,Medhi

Limbering up for the kill.