12-3 (3-1 HT)


Amit (3)

Dan B (3)

Jens (5)

Mike V (1)


Joe and Nathan got injured after weekend activities…… We still got a great 8. Good to see a solid patch of regulars turning up to get the consistency we need in the team.  

The BNP team was never going to come close us apart from #99 with his elbow’s. Vera bro punished him with tripping and strong shoulders. Well done Vera-san.

Other take-outs – Outstanding Keeper debut from Josh ‘Turkish Delight’ Noble.

-Baby Booth functioned like a long distance sniper and was voted to the MOM by the players.

– Cowley has started to do warm-up runs to the games with our Taxi only tailing him. Quoting our Driver : ‘’Me I have no Mini Cooper lor , how to follow him ah“

– Jorgen is back and danced nicely between the frogs.

– Our lovely feminine ref pick myself as MOM.

– Charlie solid and Amit rolling in calm finishers.


We lost a bit shape and structure at times. Typically that happens when we lead and gets too eager and want to score more. We know it…… and will fix it against better teams.


The machinery went on normal speed producing some great goals.

Well played everyone!!