A games of 2 halves

Only 11 to start as a couple of players went to the wrong pitch in Shatin. Although they were only 6 miles away I was unable to provide directions as I have never played at that 5000 seater stadium before.


First half was solid with everyone following the plan in a 4-1-4-1 formation Jeff (GK) Chi-DanH-Terry-Pete, Oli, Ed-Adam-Patrick-Willie, Dashti

Dashti got a goal with a great solo effort and terry went off with a tweaked hamstring in a straight swap with Leandro

1-nil half time and instructions for more of the same, not to fall for opposition dirty tricks and to keep hold of the ball, use the width and slow the game down.

2nd half –  long ball down the left from Oli intercepted, they attack down our left, chi chases but loses their guy who runs into the box with 2 of our defenders in front of him, Chi then arrives and does a 2 footed tackle from behind on the players ankles…penalty 1-1.

Match then descends into a farce with players arguing with the ref, shouting at each other, capable of running half the pitch to moan at other players yet unable to make those same runs down the wing to try and get a goal back. Dan get’s 2nd yellow for reacting to an elbow and sent off. They score 2 goals after some loose balls and poor marking and we never look like getting back into the match.

One of their players gets into an argument with one of our supporters who is telling him to get up off the floor and stop pretending to be injured – like Lazarus back from the dead he jumps up and shoves his hand in our supporters face – then lies down injured for 5 minutes to waste time – then straight red.


Overall a very poor second half with a number of players reluctant to play in certain positions and more interested in arguing with the ref/our players/a brick wall then concentrating on the game – there will be changes.


Fortunately we are only 2 pts of top spot – so still all to play for


Thanks to Jeff for staying in goal –Man of the match edging out Adam and Pete.

Mug of the day – so many too chose from…..


With respect to the pitch – there are 4 pitches in Shatin – there was a map in the email please ensure you print if not traveling as a group.


Sha Tin

Sha Tin Sports Ground *

18 Yuen Wo Road Shatin N.T.

(852) 2698 1326/
(852) 2634 0128

Ma On Shan Sports Ground *

Hang Hong Street, Ma On Shan, N.T.

(852) 2633 0647/
(852) 2634 0128

Tsang Tai Uk Recreation Ground #@

Sha Kok Street, Sha Tin, N.T.

(852) 2698 2648/
(852) 2634 0128

Hin Tin Playground *

Che Kung Miu Road, Sha Tin

(852) 2692 0460/
(852) 2634 0128


to follow